Hike to the 2nd highest Waterfall in the world at Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls is a complex of seasonal waterfalls located in the Drakensberg of Royal Natal National Park. It's a hike of a lifetime & not too busy. There is much more to this hike than just arriving to the mountain, as it's located in the Drakensberg of Royal Natal National Park in KwaZulu-Natal Province, you pay an entrance fee for the park & for the hike separately. The best time to hike is between March-April with the least chance to encounter fog and always hike before sunset. It's a 7hour hike to the top and 7hour hike down but if you have a high vehicle that would be a 1hour drive to the parking of the hike trail & 3hour hike till the top of the mountain and 3hour hike down to the parking or you could stay at the Chalets by the start of the trail.

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