Scream for your favourite team at Moses Mabhida stadium

You've seen the impressive Moses Mabhida Stadium dominate the Durban skyline from afar, now get up close and personal as they take you into the heart of Durban's majestic stadium. Explore the state-of-the-art change rooms where your sporting heroes regroup and walk through the tunnels they've walked through. Step onto the pitch and imagine thousands of roaring fans around you or discover the suites where the rich and famous are entertained. And that's just a taste of the captivating, all-access stadium tour. All areas of the tour are wheelchair-friendly, and are carried out by professional and knowledgeable guides equipped with a whole host of fascinating facts. If not interested in the stadium tour, there are amazing events to attend. Rugby, soccer and everything in-between. Also check out their website for info on the big swing, adventure walks and other awesome experiences.

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