Go for a night ride at Holla Trails

At Holla Trails they're passionate about providing you with the tools to suit your adventure; be it for mountain bikers, trail runners or those who simply enjoy walking in the outdoors. Whether you are hard core racing snake looking for a tough 6 hour ride or just out for a walk in the country, choose your adventure at Holla Trails. They have something for everyone. You can also hire a bike or go for a night ride. Be safe and have tons of fun!

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+27 (0)82 899 3114

Running: R28 per person Riding: Adults R75, Kids: R45, Pensioners: R45

Open every day from Monday: 06:00 till 15:30 Tuesday-Friday: 06:00 till 16:30 Saturday-Sunday: 05:30 till 15h30